A tutu for Emmaly


Emmaly in her tutu

I’m an avid sewing/craft blog reader, and during my reads I keep coming across little girls in tutu/princess style skirts and dresses and thought that it was well time that Emmaly started having a dress-up wardrobe, and so an easy first dress-up project is a tutu.

I spent an hour in front of the sewing machine and overlocker and came up with this tutu for Emmaly.

I purchased 3 x 0.5 metres of nylon netting and cut the netting into 15cms strips, set the tension setting on my sewing machine to high and the stitch length to 4mm and sewed them adding each strip one after another to make into one very long ruffled strip.
Using some scrap cotton fabric, I cut a length that would be wide enough to go around Emmalys hips and then serged the edges, this serves as an inner skirt.


Finished tutu

I folded the ruffled strip of netting into four layers, and lay the length of cotton fabric underneath and stitched through all five layers, adding the ribbon in at each end to use as a tie.


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