Origami Star Bracelet

I have been really distracted by so much digital painting recently, that I’ve been neglecting my other crafty stuff. I do have some flowers that are being pressed right now, and I intended to do something with them this week, but then I remembered that the thing I really wanted to do with them required actual preparation (shredding paper, soaking it overnight etc), and it was already Friday… (Yes, I know, this post is being done on Sunday…)

Things you need!

Things you need!

So I raided my craft drawers to find something I could do in an afternoon!

Lo and behold, I found a whole lot of strips of paper and some pre-made stars (amongst many other things which will be projects for the future). I couldn’t be bothered looking up how to make the stars again so I just went from memory. Luckily it worked! But for those who don’t know how to make the stars, here are the instructions.

List of ‘ingredients’ for making a fun star necklace, bracelet, earrings… whatever!

  • Strips of paper (you can either cut these yourself, or you can find big packs of these at most local $2 Shops)
  • Elastic string (I use elastic beading string, which can be bought from The Warehouse and often also $2 Shops)
  • Needle
  • Patience (this is supposedly free, but I never seem to be able to find any…)
Stab those stars!

Stab those stars!

It’s really very easy. Fold stars until you’re seeing stars. String the elastic thread through the needle, then use the needle to ruthlessly stab the stars… Once you have enough stars to fit around your wrist / neck, tie off elastic string. This makes a fun, bright accessory for any kid (or adult who is a kid at heart!).

The finished bracelet.

The finished bracelet.

– Miriam


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