Origami Easter Baskets

With Easter looming, I had to figure out a way of presenting the small collection of Easter eggs we had bought for our nephews and niece. I decided to make baskets using origami. Originally I had intended just to make a plain old box and attach a handle, but when flicking through my origami book I came across this Lazy Susan style basket. Perfect!

A completed and filled basket.

A completed and filled basket.

The 'ingredients'

The ‘ingredients’

What I used:

  • Instructions for folding – found here or watch a video here
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Some things to go inside – I had plastic eggs which I filled with small chocolate M&M eggs and other candy-coated chocolate eggs, a Kinder Surprise Egg each, a chocolate bunny, more loose eggs, and some small fluffy chicks we found at the local $2 Shop

I used the scrapbooking paper because it is larger than any of the origami paper I have, and relatively square. Also, it’s quite a bit heavier than your usual origami paper, which makes for a sturdier completed box. I chose different colours for everyone so no one could get confused as to which was theirs!

– Miriam


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