Overdressed – A move away from cheap and nasty clothing

I love this article as it represents a move that I have already undertaken, that of making more of my own clothes.

It began with my frustration of wearing out clothing in certain spots, which if thought of in a mathematical viewpoint would only be classed as 10% or less. How seriously un-eco-friendly is it to throw out a pair of socks, simply because you’ve worn through a toe? Or throw out a pair of jeans because you’ve rubbed the thighs so thin they’re now indecent (for those of us who have larger thighs!).

At first, it started with simple things; I’m an avid skiier and FIRMLY believe in the necessity of decent, good quality ski socks like Smartwool, NZ Sock Co, or Wigwam, but found regardless of only wearing them in my ski boots or on extremely cold days (lets at least be honest!) that after a season, I had worn through the heels and the balls of the socks, therefore rendering them useless. So I took up darning! I have been able to stretch my ski socks into three more seasons since then and have had to darn during each season, but I have saved approx. $40 per pair, each year.

With jeans, I have taken to threading my sewing machine with dark navy thread, finding some patches of denim and putting them on the inside of the thighs and then using a zig-zag stitch, have completely quilted the patch and the jeans together. While this feels bulky and uncomfortable for the first couple of wearings, after a few washes, it’s hardly noticeable, and I take delight in the fact the my jeans now last more than three months.



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