A craft-less fortnight… so a bit about Miriam

Sometimes life happens and craft stuff doesn’t. It doesn’t mean I’ve been idle, so I’ll give you a window into my life these past two weeks or so.

I’ve been up to mum’s farm in Whangarei and helped with chopping down trees for firewood. We also removed edging around the garden that runs the length of the driveway. This edging was engineered dad-style, which means it was damn near indestructible even more than 25 years after being installed. We also got to reap the benefits of starting the pool-cleaning process earlier in January by swimming in a clean pool. Yay.

I’ve been painting. I tried the line-art style for a while, but have gone back to my good old other style. Dunno what it’s called, but here are some samples:

Lineart style. It has its merits in that it is a lot quicker than the other way.

Lineart style. It has its merits in that it is a lot quicker than the other way (flood fill and masks FTW). Done in Photoshop CS6 for Mac with Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.

My usual painting style, this one is a WIP. There is no part of this picture I don't need to still revisit. :D

My usual painting style, this one is a WIP. There is no part of this picture I don’t need to still revisit. 😀 Using ArtRage Studio 3 on the MacBook Air with my Wacom Bamboo tablet.

My digital painting tools of choice include Adobe Photoshop, ArtRage Studio (I’ve just bought the upgrade to ArtRage 4 and will be playing with that soon), PaintTool SAI (though I need to buy a license for this as the trial has expired), and MyPaint. I vary between using my work MacBook Pro (which I lose next month *cries*), my personal MacBook Air or HP laptop. I have a Wacom Inuos 3 12×9 inch tablet, and a little Wacom Bamboo tablet. The little one is great for portability and using with the MacBook Air, but the big one in combination with the HP laptop is what I use for serious projects.

I have been running, doing the Zombies, Run! 5K training programme. I have just completed the first run in week 2. The whole thing is 8 weeks long, and once I have completed it I hope to be able to run 5K non-stop without, you know, dying. Then I can go back to the normal Zombies, Run! game and keep going on that. I want to work up to being able to do the 1 hour missions. Oh yeah! And depending on how dedicated I stay to this whole keeping fit thing, I may even look at doing a half-marathon.

I went snowboarding at Snow Planet (indoor skiing – the biggest refrigerator in the Southern Hemisphere) and decided that I definitely needed to buy a pair of boots that fit, so I trawled online and found that they were a lot cheaper than I thought (especially if you catch them heavily reduced at R&R Sport). I am now the proud owner of some very pretty white Burton snowboarding boots which I haven’t had the chance to use because we couldn’t get a group together to go on Wednesday night. But Kayleigh says she wants to go down to Ruapehu at least a few times this winter, so I might have to invest in a season pass when they come on sale.

I had more hours at work (and still do for the next three weeks). That has seriously eaten into my crafting time! Haha. Damn bills don’t pay themselves, though.

So there you have it, a small snapshot of my life.

– Miriam


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