Technically not crafting

So, technically this isn’t a post about crafting, but it is a kind of craft, in that I have created it using my hands… and my computer.  My neighbour popped over and asked if I would have a go at redesigning his website based on some images he had sent me and what I thought would look good, and so I came up with this – please note, I have blatantly stolen borrowed images to fill in the blanks on this mock up.

Website designed by me

Kayleigh Designs

I was sent three images, two that his designers mocked up and one that a previous designer had done. I’ve had previous experience with this website and its users, but after a lot of discussion with my neighbour and some website surfing with him pointing out things he liked on different sites and querying if it would work with his, we came up with this. It’s an extremely rough draft, but seeing as it was done AFTER 11.30pm I’m going to cut myself a little slack. Now personally, I like the menu bar on mine, but I do have to say that I like the long dress and the stacked articles, and that the logins at the top are white instead of greyed. What do you think?

My design altered by the website owner

My design altered by the website owner


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